Land Cruiser Restored and Ready for the Trails!

1965 Land Cruiser Restoration




This 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ Series arrived to Timeless Rides and Rods filled with needed parts piled high in the back.   

The entire vehicle body (interior and exterior) was stripped down. The original tub body was replaced due to severe rust damage and the replacement tub needed minor dent repair.

The fiberglass top was repaired. The interior seats needed spring repairs and totally new upholstery was installed over the original seat frames. A new headliner was installed and all the original glass was re-installed with new rubber seals.
The frame and underside of the entire body was prepped and sprayed with a rubberized undercoating.

New gauges were installed in the dash along with new electrical wiring put in place. 

All the body parts were painted closely matching original colors and re-installed with rims being powder coated.  Finishing off the beautiful vehicle were all new tires, shocks and springs.
Upon completion, the customer received a beautiful, completed Cruiser ready for road or trail.

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